Description: An instrumental hip hop/dance track that contains elements of Latin American Music. The track blends modern synthetic sounds and beats with brass instruments and traditional percussion.

Description: Active,Exciting energetic, downtempo, latin, hispanic, pianos, percussion grooves, bass, synth, stars, holidays, sunshine, summer, sexy, beach celebrities, dynamic, news, gossip, scandal, rhythmic, exoctic, bouncy, bittersweet, emotional, nostalgic

Description: Latin, Mexico, Relaxing, Chill Out, Soaking Up Sun, Summertime, Camping, Fun, Old West, Quirky, Spanish Guitar, Latin Percussion, Triangle

Description: Bossanova-influenced dance piece featuring rock organ and flute. Gives a great sense of a retro themed party.

Description: A guitar-duo makes everybody dance on the street. Has a gypsy/flamenco/Spanish guitar vibe.

Description: A melodic and mysterious Latin track about love gone wrong.

Description: Instrumental jazz house chill out groove featuring big melodic Santana style guitar riffs noodling piano tickling the keys solid drum and bass and tight female vocal hooks and a gentle middle eight pop break. Effective music for media projects background to romantic love scenes dancing in the eve.

Description: Bossa nova with acoustic guitar, piano, upright bass and drums - pleasant and driving sound.

Description: 70s classic latin Rock instrumental featuring Stacey Blades on guitar.