Description: Just an intricate, driving and dancing rhythm of samba for any your "Latin" project!

Description: Acoustic guitars, piano, organ, bass and percussion play laid-back Latin arrangement. Suggested for scenes depicting down time, accomplishment, leisure.

Description: Smooth and Silky latin guitar melody countered by a beautiful horn and synth arrangement and catchy bossa rhythym. Summertime fun, Sexy, Playful, innocent, youthful, beach music. Music for Travel agency ad, Car commercial, or even a used for Casino Adv. Versatile Track. Instrumental, Jazz Music, Latin Jazz

Description: An instrumental hip hop/dance track that contains elements of Latin American Music. The track blends modern synthetic sounds and beats with brass instruments and traditional percussion.

Description: Classic Hollywood Tango with an elegant Grand Ballroom arrangement.

Description: International Pleasant Peaceful Positive Soft Reflective Reflective

Description: Bossa nova style, accordion, acoustic guitar, saxophone