Description: a dramatic tango waltz with bandoneon, piano, vibes, guitar and bass.

Description: a very hypnotic and trancelike tango with bandoneon, piano, bass and guitar.

Description: a very modern tango harmonically and rhythmically featuring piano, guitar, banjo and bass.

Description: a duet with flute and flamenco guitar creates a dreamy yet lively atmoshere.

Description: a slow and deliberate tango with an attitude featuring bandoneon, bass, piano, strings and guitar.

Description: salsa with electric and acoustic guitars.

Description: a bright samba filled with the tension of opposing sides trying to get along.with piano,guitar, flute, vibes, bass, drums and percussion.

Description: a joyous bossa nova giving a warm feeling much like how it feel to go back home to loved ones.

Description: a sultry bolero full of remorse featuring piano, electric piano, guitar, bass, marimba and percussion.