Description: Piano, acoustic guitar, upright bass, organ and percussion combine for Latin-inspired arrangement in 111 sec loop suggested to underscore scenes of leisure.

Description: Latin-inspired 108 second loop featuring ukulele, organ, marimba and percussion suggested to underscore care-free scenes of leisure, celebration and down time.

Description: Piano, electric bass, drums and percussion play rhythmic arrangement in 106 second loop suggested to underscore images of tropical vacation, casual leisure and luxury.

Description: Bright and lively tune of acoustic guitar, sounds of Latin percussion instruments, drum set, and double bass are intertwined in this dizzy intricate rhythm of samba... For any yours "Latin" projects!

Description: Acoustic guitars, bass, drums and percussion combine in 100 second loop for a laid-back, Latin-inspired arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of leisure.

Description: A smooth latin lounge theme with chill-out vibes and luxurious melodies, perfect to help you hand over to your viewer exotic vibrant images of a lifestyle that is cool smooth and sexy. *This is the loop version

Description: brazilian berimbau and flute relaxed sunny groove.