Description: Brazilian style pop song with female vocals, lots of percussion and a catchy brass theme. Party in the street and samba feeling.

Description: Fast spicy hot latin funky rock track with a heavy catchy blues oriented riff played by lead guitar and electric bass that breaks out into a contrasting sweet jazzy middle chorus featuring flute and electric piano. There's a spacey breakdown section towards the finale that builds to a tight ending.

Description: A solo piano latin pop tune with a very encouraging message.

Description: A contemporary and emotional solo piano segue's into a lovely bolero for honest contemplation, featuring piano, guitar, bass, drums, percussion, electric piano and cellos.

Description: Happy latin tune played on acoustic guitar and bass

Description: Celebratory punchy pulsating energetic Latin dance groove-Alternate

Description: Bright and rhythmic featuring montuno piano, Latin percussion, punchy horns, vibraphone and bouncy bass create a happy and cheerful mood, in the style of Celia Cruz.

Description: A melancholic and wistful bossa nova with piano, acoustic guitar, vibes, acoustic bass and drums.

Description: Hot, smooth & sultry Latin Samba - uptempo but full passion, very sexy, yet sophisticated and full of the flavour of South America & Brazil. Great for holiday travelogues, exotic, documentary & commercials. Features acoustic guitar ensemble, piano, double bass & latin percussion.