Description: Steady Rock/Pop tempo song with an 80's style bass with acoustic strings and rock guitars. This song is about a guy that does everything wrong and nothing goes well in his life. But suddenly out of the nothing she appears with those blue eyes and he sees her and only then every is clear, he knows what he has to do and that his destiny will be just fine.

Description: A very upbeat and hot tango track that will have you looking for the dance floor. It has vintage accordion, castanets, marcato strings, a very modern drum track with live hand percussion.

Description: "Paseando" (Strollin') is a bossa nova arrangement that features baritone saxophone and piano solos with acoustic bass and drums. Our arrangement can be used to transition between scenes in a romantic film or television production.

Description: the perfect soundtrack for beach walking in warm ocean breezes featuring fretless bass lead, piano, bass, guitar, drums and percussion.

Description: A mellow bossa nova with twin flute leads with electric piano, bass, guitar and percussion.

Description: An easygiong and mellow bossa nova with twin flute lead, electric piano, guitar, bass, drums and percussion.