Description: Heavily latin influenced pop/hip hop/R&B style beat.

Description: Traditional Argentinian Tango, romantic violin, acoustic piano, bass, accordion

Description: Steady Rock/Pop tempo song with an 80's style bass with acoustic strings and rock guitars. This song is about a guy that does everything wrong and nothing goes well in his life. But suddenly out of the nothing she appears with those blue eyes and he sees her and only then every is clear, he knows what he has to do and that his destiny will be just fine.

Description: Beautiful, Mellow Rumba style latin feel,piano melody.

Description: Drama, Cinema, Latin, Hip Hop, Muzak, Aggressive, Percussive, Carefree, Driving, Struttin, Heavy, Groovy, in a Aggressive, Confident, Emotional, Reflective, Poignant, Playful mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Synth, with a Mid tempo

Description: A bossa nova that tells an intriguing story about the best life has to offer. A feel-good tune with piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, steel drums, vibes and percussion.

Description: a delightfully cheerful bossa nova that motivates the heart. featuring piano, bass, guitar, marimba, flute, drums and percussion.

Description: Latin, Urban, Groovy, Funky, Wordly, Ethnic, Percussive, Active, in a Fun, Confident mood, featuring Cymbals, Vocals, Male, Guitar, Electric, Bass, Drums, with a Fast tempo

Description: Imagine yourself relaxing on the beach at Ipanema as the beautiful people frolic in the waves to the strains of this easy going Bossa Nova. Acoustic guitars, acoustic bass, synth pad and percussion.