Description: Mambo electronic song. For commercials, presentations…

Description: Ethnic - Latin - Traditional Mambo Beat ala Santana with Guitar Latin Percussion and Organ. 125 BPM, Fast

Description: Ethnic, Dance, Ethnic-Latin America, Latin, Latin-Mambo, Fun, Active, Carnival, Driving, Explosive, Wordly, Confident, Dark, Action, Adventure, in a Fun, Confident mood, featuring Conga, Percussion, Electric, Guitar, Trumpet, Trombone, Piano, with a Fast tempo

Description: Ethnic - Latin - Traditional Mambo Beat ala Santana with Hand Percussion. 125 BPM, Fast

Description: Salsa, latin salsa -Mambo feel.

Description: A Latin Infusion Mambo Style Track! Blending traditional Cuba Rumba rhythms and contemporary electronic grooves, the track offers a modern take on this classic musical style. The song has African percussion but also incorporates melodies from the Spanish Flamenco adding to the versatility of the track. A cool piece of Mambo / Salsa music to shake your hips to! Great for modern salsa dancing, rhumba or Argentine Tango.

Description: Latin influenced, funny, energetic. Latin. Lively, Bright, Happy, Dancing, Festive. Brasses/Horns, World percussion, Percussive Instruments. Holiday, Commercials/TV

Description: This arrangement from Singing Dog Studios features energetic Afro Cuban jazz instruments with sweeping brass leads, wandering double bass and playful, exotic Cuban rhythms. Mischievous, uplifting Latin jazz and its winding melody takes you straight to the back alley ways on some Caribbean port town or the beaches south of Cancun. It's the perfect soundtrack or backing track to set just the right mood for your next project.

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