Description: Pianos, organ, guitars, bass, drums and percussion combine in 96 second loop for a laid-back, southwestern-influenced arrangement.

Description: Latin-inspired 108 second loop featuring ukulele, organ, marimba and percussion suggested to underscore care-free scenes of leisure, celebration and down time.

Description: Acoustic guitars, bass, drums and percussion combine in 100 second loop for a laid-back, Latin-inspired arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of leisure.

Description: Acoustic guitars, bass, marimba, glockenspiel and percussion play relaxed arrangement in 88 second loop suggested for leisurely holiday scenes.

Description: An energetic Latin-inspired arrangement of acoustic and electric guitars combined with bass, percussion and subtle flutes in a 113 second loop.

Description: Piano, electric bass, drums and percussion play rhythmic arrangement in 106 second loop suggested to underscore images of tropical vacation, casual leisure and luxury.

Description: Acoustic guitars accompanied by drums, bass, percussion and marimba play punchy backbeat-driven 113 second loop.

Description: Acoustic guitar, marimba, upright bass, congas, bongos, maracas and guira combine for simple upbeat latin-flavoured ambiance in 72 second loop.

Description: Upbeat, carefree vacation resort groove in 55 second loop.

Description: Piano, acoustic guitars, bass and tambora-style percussion with real guira play upbeat twelve bar blues pattern in 62 second loop inspired by music of the Dominican Republic.

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