Description: A sweet brazilian-alike lounge track, featuring percussions, nylon guitars and minimalist piano playing. Perfect background music for love and emotional scenes.

Description: The Super Simple Bossa is an easygoing and unpretentious bossa track featuring acoustic guitars, whistling and percussion. Perfect for use in product videos, promotional material, presentations, broadcast, movies, vlogs, games, events and more.

Description: Piano, guitars, celesta, bass, drums and percussion play Latin-inspired arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of optimism, positive growth and uplifting experience.

Description: Romantic and sincere Bossa Nova music with nice pop melody, piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and drums. Perfect as a background music for slideshow, romantic videos, kids, as a background music for lobby, malls, elevator, etc.

Description: Bossa Nova is today one of the best-known Brazilian music genres abroad. The phrase bossa nova means literally "new trend" or "new wave". The music is sunny, playful, full of joy, happiness and love of life. This miniature is the best for splash screens and as a beginnings of the projects. It's featuring piano and saxophone alto.

Description: In this cover for Vicente Amigo's instrumental tune Roma, VS Guitar Duo apply their usual technique of transcription: if the starting point was very close to Amigo's original, the final product is strongly influenced by the Russian-Gypsy guitar style. This is why the style of this cover so eclectic, uniting the Flamenco and Gypsy traditional mix. This music is fiery, rhythmical, emotional, positive.

Description: The unique style of Paco de Lucia is already based on the Spanish-Gypsy art of Flamenco. Vadim and Sasha are using his Entre dos aguas as a starting point, but they are adapting it in their Russian-Gypsy manner, with somewhat different improvisations. This is why the style of this cover so eclectic, uniting the Flamenco and Gypsy traditional mix.

Description: Happy and catchy bossa nova loop for various projects.

Description: Short Bossa Nova with latin percussion instruments and a melody played by an electric piano for video and film with the topics Latin American, nature, vacation, journey, presentation.

Description: Sweet and sincere elevator music.

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