Description: Fun, charming, and entertaining gentle and simple latin track featuring scat vocal shouts repeating electric piano line, steel pans, latin baby bass, hand percussion congas, guitar solos and synth. Nice background for romantic scenes, travelogues, documentaries, dancing on the beach, various media projects

Description: A happy upbeat fun & happy Latin American cumbia featuring percussion, virtuous flamenco style acoustic guitar, bass & keyboards. Superb gypsy feel for dance collections, courtship dance, performances, infectious melodies & rhythms. Media ready for tv, film, video, radio broadcasts video projects. Instrumental, Tropical, Cumbia

Description: Upbeat latin love house beat for club dance workout and fun times. Electric piano, electric guitar, electric bass full percussion section steel drum, vibraphone and flute melodies fill out the track. The music a live happy feel with a positive flow and a sweet vibe. Nice track for your media project,

Description: A smooth and sophisticated jazz bossa featuring REAL instruments. A electric guitar leads the ensemble. Perfect for TV, radio, lead ins or for corporate backgrounds, or for just relaxing and enjoying a good listen.

Description: A smooth and spicy gently moving salsa groove track featuring a four horn arrangement melody theme interspersed between a vibraphone and trombone solo. Plenty of latin percussion is used in the rhythm section along with upright bass and piano. Fun music for hispanic media projects, travelogues, website

Description: A bright and energetic samba with salsa overtones featuring a reflective and sensuous cello breakdown section. A classical spanish guitar takes on the main theme along with a warm bell synthesizer reminiscent of a calypso steel drum. Fun and festive track for media projects, tv, film, radio, podcast

Description: Modern new age electronic latin fusion tropical groove with a bright upbeat positive feeling. Blend of real instruments and synths and electric piano with an echo effect and world percussion. Nice break in the middle as the piano and bass have a melodic interlude. Good track for media uses, tv, film

Description: A fine upbeat samba feel featuring funky latin percussion, electric Santana style guitar, electric piano, marimba, and electric bass. A tight brass section takes up the groove and propels the music into the latino dance party zone. cool track for your tropical media projects, suntan beach fun in sun

Description: A silky smooth upbeat and energetic samba groove featuring hot latin percussion, cooking electric bass, and a cool luxurious improvised synthesizer lead over a bed of electric piano and voice pads. Useful for travel, vacation ads, beach party scenes, street carnival or hip jazz concert, tv film web

Description: A house lounge latin fusion mix in three flavors, this varied track starts with a rock bossa which transitions into a dance floor pase doble and builds to a fast samba ending featuring strong improvised solos from the flute and electric guitar. Pumping bass and solid percussion round out the piece.

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