Description: Short piano intro with whip-like percussion leads into an accordion/piano led tango with classical string arrangement.

Description: Lighthearted & cheerful Latin folk song with acoustic guitar

Description: Latin inspired 1960s style easy listening/rock n' roll

Description: Laid back groovy reggaeton track. Cool mon!

Description: Piano and string intro build suspense for a classical/tango work that swirls with sadness and drama.

Description: Classical piano/string intro to a meditative study with lovely piano runs over lush string arrangement. Piece continues to a dramatic tango with violin and bass solos.

Description: Modern Classical/Tango, sweet and wistful with swirling piano runs over a classic tango string/accordion arrangement.

Description: Beautiful tango with more of a waltz-like timing, classic and elegant with strings up front, and dramatic percussive slaps.

Description: Dramatic piano lead on avante-garde leaning tango. Pizzicato strings, swirling accordion.

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