Description: A very fast and rueful Latin samba featuring guitar, bass, vibes, drums and alto flute.

Description: Some people lead very interesting lives, this Latin samba features harmonica, electric piano, bass, drums and guitar.

Description: Just a circus clownish thing in a bright rhytmic dancing Brasilian style!

Description: Sounds of Latin percussion instruments, drum set, acoustic guitar and double bass have intertwined in this dizzy intricate rhythm of samba, of criminal samba... For any yours the very bold "Latin" projects!

Description: A bright and energetic samba with salsa overtones featuring a reflective and sensuous cello breakdown section. A classical spanish guitar takes on the main theme along with a warm bell synthesizer reminiscent of a calypso steel drum. Fun and festive track for media projects, tv, film, radio, podcast

Description: A fun and interesting melody brings this Latin samba to life featuring piano, bass, percussion, flute and vibes.

Description: Why not a tune for one of the hardest workers at any picnic, this Latin samba tune features electric piano, bass, percussion, guitar and piano.

Description: A driving and motivational samba with piano, alto flute, electric bass, vibes, guitar and percussion.

Description: A sweet melody and uplifting chord changes make for a friendly samba with piano, vibes, acoustic bass, drums and guitar.

Description: A very fast and light samba with a purposeful demeanor featuring guitar, bass, electric piano, and drums.