Description: innovative 5/4 latin funk groove - flamenco mood smooth jazz with great piano, muted trombone, and classical guitar solos. nice relaxed energy.

Description: a melancholic yet hopeful bossa nova with piano, bass, drums, guitar and percussion.

Description: a southern breeze of hospitality with piano, bass, guitar, drums and percussion.

Description: a bossa nova that is the picture of happiness featuring piano, electric piano, bass, guitar and congas.

Description: beautiful bossa nova featuring piano, strings & soprano sax.

by SD | mp3 | 2:01 |

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Brazilian - Bossa Nova

Description: Music in the bossa nova style is new, the mood is romantic, positive, light, Medium tempo, the sounds of a piano, an electro organ, a synthesizer, Back vocal chorus, bass, drums. A beautiful light melody for your inspiration and mood

Description: easy brazilian groove, acoustic guitar, piano, flute.

Description: classic guitar melody , smooth.

Description: instrumental bossa nova featuring jazz quartet.

Description: go back to a simpler and more innocent time with this bossa nova featuring piano, bass, guitar and congas.

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