Description: A feel-good bossa nova with piano, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: Uplifting and purely motivational, this good-time bossa nova features piano, bass, drums, percussion, marimba and alto flute.

Description: a melancholic yet hopeful bossa nova with piano, bass, drums, guitar and percussion.

Description: a southern breeze of hospitality with piano, bass, guitar, drums and percussion.

Description: a bossa nova that is the picture of happiness featuring piano, electric piano, bass, guitar and congas.

Description: Odd and unusual harmonies and a quirky melody highlight this bossa nova featuring piano, bass, guitar, percussion, marimba and electric piano.

Description: Mellow, mellow, mellow is this bossa nova with piano, bass, percussion, guitar and electric piano.

Description: Mystery and intrigue abound in this in-the-pocket bossa nova with piano, bass, electric piano, guitar, drums, percussion and flute.

Description: An extremely happy and joyous bossa nova with piano, bass, drums with brushes, vibes and guitar.

Description: A dramatic and mysterious bossa nova in 6/4 time with piano, electric bass, drums, guitar and electric piano.

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