Description: A very happy and upbeat jazz track with a Latin inspired groove under piano, flute and guitar.

Description: A Latin inspired jazz track anchored by a samba groove and featuring piano, guitar, trumpet and flute.

Description: A very cool jazz track featuring a Latin groove under guitars, organ and piano.

Description: Modern beats and Santana-esque guitar meet Bossa Nova rhythms in this contemporary down-tempo Latin groove. The title means "Broken Heart" as this is portrayed through the emotion and longing of the lead guitar contrasting with the cheerfulness of the brass.

Description: A slinky jazz track featuring a Latin groove under cool guitars and piano.

Description: A pretty jazz track featuring trumpet and flute over a samba groove.

Description: A smooth and flowing jazz track featuring acoustic guitar, trumpet and piano over a Latin groove.

Description: Happy and catchy bossa nova loop for various projects.

Description: A laid back jazz track with a Latin groove under pretty melodies.

Description: A very pretty jazz track with a laid back groove under piano and guitar melodies.

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