Description: Hot, smooth & sultry Latin Samba - uptempo but full passion, very sexy, yet sophisticated and full of the flavour of South America & Brazil. Great for holiday travelogues, exotic, documentary & commercials. Features acoustic guitar ensemble, piano, double bass & latin percussion.

Description: Imagine yourself relaxing on the beach at Ipanema as the beautiful people frolic in the waves to the strains of this easy going Bossa Nova. Acoustic guitars, acoustic bass, synth pad and percussion.

Description: A slinky jazz track featuring a Latin groove under cool guitars and piano.

Description: A laid back jazz track with a Latin groove under pretty melodies.

Description: A Latin inspired jazz track anchored by a samba groove and featuring piano, guitar, trumpet and flute.

Description: A pretty jazz track featuring trumpet and flute over a samba groove.

Description: A very happy and upbeat jazz track with a Latin inspired groove under piano, flute and guitar.

Description: A very cool jazz track featuring a Latin groove under guitars, organ and piano.

Description: A very pretty jazz track with a laid back groove under piano and guitar melodies.

Description: A happy jazz track with Latin influences featuring trumpet, guitar and piano.

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