Description: This song starts solo piano and is somber and mournful. Halfway through, the song changes moods to driving and energetic, featuring bass, drums, and guitar.

Description: Harmonic country sound with an upright bass intro.

Description: Melodic, improvised jazz theme, featuring piano, double bass, and trumpet

Description: A sultry and sad jazz swing tune filled with remorse and a slight amount of hope, featuring piano, vibes, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: Atmospheric guitar trio with country sounding guitar and nice open chords.

Description: cool mellow jazz piano trio retro groove

Description: Smooth jazz track with elegant late night lounge feel

Description: This song has the flavor of New Orleans. Lyrical and soulful at the opening, the drums and bass enter giving the song a driving swing.

Description: A hammock, a lake and two people in love on a mellow summer day. This song is a balmy afternoon with nothing to do but relax. It features piano, bass and drums with brushes.

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