Description: Light-hearted energizing jingle that makes you want to pop out of bed first thing in the morning with childlike enthusiasm for the day ahead. This jazzy, bright, mood-lifting tune reminds audiences about the precious value of time we have to experience all that life has to offer.

Description: Fun jazz music track that creates positive and must dance feelings. Featuring traditional drums, bass, piano and vibes, it can be used in commercial, movie, film trailer, cartoon, application.

Description: A swing kind of melody up and down with the rhythm flowing.

Description: going around in circles is what the music feels like you wort of doing that waltz dance with the drums changing every now and then but with a jazz feel.

Description: Orchestral jazz romantic comedy soundtrack in the style of 50’s / 60’s Hollywood mainstream. Think to Mr. Lucky or Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Henry Mancini, this is the mood and the style of this track. Available in: main version / no lead melodies / 60sec / 30sec / Stinger Blockbuster Hollywood Love Comedy. Intensely romantic, period film, yearning.

Description: Birthday is a cheerful musical composition in a jazz style. Great background music for congratulations happy Birthday, happy holidays, New Year, Christmas. Perfect background music for advertising, children's videos, positive videos on YouTube. Very good congratulations on the anniversary, significant event. Well suited for humorous and satirical programs on TV and radio.

Description: Positive big band jazz theme.

Description: This jazz style track is perfect for videos, podcasts, commercials, advertising, TV programs and more.

Description: A bright, bouncy, 1940's jazz swing track in the style of Duke Ellington for piano, string bass, clarinet and violin that would work well for any scene, documentary, commercial, advertisement or corporate application needing period music or lively jazz.

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