Description: Big Band, Swinging, Fast, Jazz, Drums, WWII, 1940s, Traditional, Novelty

Description: Big band swing style spin off from mafia type hollywood movies. Swing comedy. Lively bright happy energetic cool bouncy fresh satisfied shining. Piano brasses/horns big band. Comedy/humour/sitcom commercials/tv themes. Gangster jazz big band 1940s.

Description: Laid back positive elegant swing casual sassy classy chic feel good swinging upbeat cool easy confident jazzy bouncy light 40s 50s country club luxury restaurant jazz club hamptons high society 1940s 1950s count basie glenn miller.

Description: Big, bold and brassy showbiz theme, full of glitz and glamour, ideal for live shows in theatres or TV. Full package of parts including openers with bed for voiceover, closer and stings.

Description: punchy, driving, big band rock piece in the piestrup/buddy rich style.

Description: medium tempo big band swing tune featuring sax and electric piano.

Description: pretty big band ballad featuring flute, tenor sax and band.

Description: sassy, punchy big band rock tune.

Description: big band rock tune featuring a thad jones-esque brass choir section and alto sax solo.

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