Description: Mellow, laid back and pensive, this tune is perfect for running in a background of a presentation that wants to portray a smooth image. Laying on a beach on a hot day before a sunset comes to mind.

Description: This light and playful ditty can be used in presentations with less serious content. It lends itself well to projects involving children. This music is unobtrusive which also makes it ideal as background music at a softer level.

Description: This sultry tune fits any classy production. The piano and horn intertwine and weave a melody built on the blues scale. The walking bass is accompanied by the piano in the low register. Take out the drums for some nice contrast.

Description: This is a happy SoundSet. It evokes a feeling of freedom and lightheartedness. It is ideal for uses in countless projects where the product can make your life easier or possibly restore health. One example would be an allergy medication. Another example i.

Description: An eclectic mix of ragtime jazz, rock and pop elements create this rhythmic, popping tune. The bass line slightly mimics some of the effects produced by horns. Use this SoundSet in any production that departs from the mundane and displays energy and fashi.

Description: This funky jazz piece has somewhat of an attitude. It also has a sense of adventure which makes it ideal for presentations involving image, fashion and lots of action.

Description: This SoundSet has a laid back and easy rhythm. The bass line bounces in counterpoint against the beat. The piano component gives it a funky blues feel. Presentations that wish to create a hip and cool effect would work nicely with this piece.

Description: This percussive tune has its roots in modern classical music and minimalism. The sound is unconventional with lots of potential for contrast, ideal for a truly original production. The saxophone hammers at a single note above the piano as the bass bubbles.

Description: Rhythm drives this SoundSet, ideal for projects where music plays an important and possibly equal role as the graphics. This SoundSet works well for intense presentations that wish to attract and keep the viewer's attention. The energy in this music will.

Description: This tune seduces with its swanky swing and its silky trumpet sound. The walking bass works in contrast with the organ, dry and untreated. The listener gets a sense of the dimension of space in the sound. This SoundSet is ideal for productions that take a.

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