Description: Laid-back, mellow jazz phrases with a hint of train-like drums suggesting movement or progress. Features soulful saxophone and occasional perky electric guitar licks.

Description: Classic piano Jazz combining piano and trumpet elements building to create a slow, erotic, sultry Burlesque style piece.

Description: Slow lazy jazz vibes accompany sixties style electric guitar in this downbeat jazzy blues track. The track starts to build as piano and more acoustic instruments collide with doo-wop vocals to add that extra bit of jazzy class atmosphere which has a slight smokey nightlife feel.

Description: Funky acoustic guitar, drums and traditional band instrumentals provide an funky jazz melody containing many quirky, yet questioning elements. Very useful background track for lounge or bar scene to imply high class lifestyle. Also useful for comedy scenes suggesting something mischievous happening.

Description: A laid back electric jazz guitar backed with cool background wood blocks creates a cool and collective laid-back jazz theme, featuring piano and deep bass - very useful for cool and classy scenes. Very upper class and boasts confidence with a slight element of cockiness. Also, very useful for character representation.

Description: Lazy, jazz piece with haunting four-note descending piano phrase, punctuated with shrill electric guitar tones. Held together with brooding Rhodes electric piano and jazz style brush drums. Suggests evocative cityscape.

Description: Cool jazz workout with loping piano/guitar riff , silky sax and fluid bass runs. Suggests relaxed nightlife or 1930s scene - possibly hinting at underworld activity.

Description: Very laid-back smokey bar jazz segment with slow bluesy piano licks and lanquid jazz trumpet.