Description: Laidback improvised traditional jazz piano plays syncopated blues patterns in 93 second loop, accompanied by upright bass and drum kit with brushes.

Description: Light-hearted energizing jingle that makes you want to pop out of bed first thing in the morning with childlike enthusiasm for the day ahead. This jazzy, bright, mood-lifting tune reminds audiences about the precious value of time we have to experience all that life has to offer.

Description: This is an elegant light jazz music. great for cocktail party and restaurant cafe background, romantic and intimacy scenes, paris and french atmosphere, lounge and night clubs, cooking shows, elevator music and much more.

Description: A march Style with trumpet blowing

Description: This instrumental would sound like it would be good for a lot of turning action movement in movies.

Description: A swing kind of melody up and down with the rhythm flowing.

Description: A Jazz groove with a hip style

Description: going around in circles is what the music feels like you wort of doing that waltz dance with the drums changing every now and then but with a jazz feel.

Description: heavy rhythm repeated. Actually sounds like there would be someone hopping to the track.

Description: Upright bass, drums and percussion play syncopated moody patterns in 99 second loop suggested to underscore scenes of espionage, mystery.

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