Description: Designer Fashion is an instrumental electronic groove track reflecting an upscale lifestyle, high fashion, and luxury cars. A smooth jazz mood.

Description: A march Style with trumpet blowing

Description: This instrumental would sound like it would be good for a lot of turning action movement in movies.

Description: A swing kind of melody up and down with the rhythm flowing.

Description: A Jazz groove with a hip style

Description: Laid back smooth jazz track with relaxed feel in time for the gentle side of the contemporary listener. With a Kenny G style sax melody grooving and tight rhythm section's support, make this is a great choice for Fashion, In Store. Commercial Radio and Television Marketing Promotion Ad selections. Instrumental, Jazz, Smooth Jazz

Description: New Age funk style instrumental with intriguing harmonic concepts. A funky jazzy rhythm section with guitar, piano, bass and drums solidifies the musical textures as synth and piano melodies weaves though this harmonic journey. Film and Televison Production, Internet Radio, In Store, etc. Instrumental, New Age, Contemporary Instr

Description: American Jazz from the nineteen 40's and 50's era dedicated to the great Benny Goodman and Earl Gardner. Mid tempo stride style piano and clarinet are featured with New Orlean, N Y, Chicago feel. Great music for Home Improvement Television Cooking Shows, Documentaries of American History.

Description: going around in circles is what the music feels like you wort of doing that waltz dance with the drums changing every now and then but with a jazz feel.

Description: heavy rhythm repeated. Actually sounds like there would be someone hopping to the track.

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