Description: easy, fun, While playing as a child

Description: this track is a beautiful, lyrical improvisation saxophone and pipes are well grace any video and flash design

Description: 1930, Chicago, the Prohibition era. His name was Charlie the Tramp. He walks upon successful completion of the transaction with a bootlegger. On his feet patent leather shoes, fedora on his head. And in his jacket pocket is a huge fortune - as much as $ 20, he is the brightly lit avenue restaurant "Copacabana" and there he was waiting for a girlfriend named Betsy. Will be a lot of beer, dancing and fun.

Description: This track is a bit melancholic but happy, jazz tune featuring Fender guitar harmonies with acoustic guitar, contrabass, brush drums and electric piano. It has a vintage style but modern, clean sound. This tune will have you tapping your foot and smiling all the time.