Description: Skyline features piano, bass, drums, and electric guitar and conjures images of a city skyline. The track is upbeat and driving with a catchy melody.

Description: Upbeat and sultry, this song has a Latin feel and has a catchy melody. The song is for jazz trio and conjures images of a late-night jazz club.

Description: This song has the flavor of New Orleans. Lyrical and soulful at the opening, the drums and bass enter giving the song a driving swing.

Description: This song starts solo piano and is somber and mournful. Halfway through, the song changes moods to driving and energetic, featuring bass, drums, and guitar.

Description: Uplifting and upbeat, this track has a driving rhythm section and features, piano, drums, bass, and electric guitar. The track has a nighttime, jazzy feel.

Description: Featuring piano, rhythm section, and electric guitar, this track song is melodic and moody, starting off in a relaxed tempo before building to a soaring electric guitar solo.