Description: Modern electronic jazz track with a back beat latin flavor quirky guitar and bass unison lines a sweet female vocal and oboe shout. The middle improvisational break features a solid electric guitar solo leading to a subby melodic bass solo. Useful background, commercial track for tv, film, radio etc

Description: Funky sexy hot chops bass driven groove, super cool hipster track. Movie end titles or sequence, perfect for a city themed tv show. Jazz club jam. feeling fine, commercials for high-ticket items, luxury cars, jewelry, high class hotels, limo rides, champagne & love. High class vocal diva and synths

Description: Medium tempo cool jazz tune vintage stylings featuring guitar, bass piano and drums.

Description: A super sultry jazzy cabaret number. Featuring a sensuous female vocal lead, tight horn section kicks, and a smooth electric guitar solo, upright bass and a electronic fringe percussion groove. Live feel. Cool track for a variety of media projects in film, tv, video, radio, in house, club, retail. Female Vocals, Jazz, Lounge Jazz Vocals

Description: A dreamy chill track based on a repetitive four chord progression grooves through a series of relaxed yet happily moving, floating through space eyes closed meditative sections. At the center a delicious piano improve gently glides the listener as the bass and TR-808 drum machine pump out the groove. Media ready.

Description: A wild & sultry acid jazz track, totally cool, psychedelic & colorful; very voodoo brew. Features deeply soulful tenor sax & electric guitar melody solo, female vocals, deep atmospheric bass, powerful hypnotic drums & a wash of whirling synths. For multimedia projects, radio, dancing, video, lounge

Description: An ethereal, magical, free flowing real jazz track featuring brilliantly explosive electric guitar and powerfully relentless upright bass. These emotional performances meld together to form a wonderful artistic sound perfect for Films, TV, Radio, Animations, Corporate Home Videos and all creative media works

Description: A relaxed and dreamy, gently flowing jazzy latin track featuring a variety of instruments and voices trading eight measure phrases backed by a popping rhythm section of electric bass and drums. Useful underscore for film, television, radio, video projects, in store, on phone, lounge, club and web

Description: A romantic, relaxed & dreamy smooth latin jazz track featuring a lush melody line on acoustic piano. The piece builds calmly as a mallet synth enters in the next section adding intensity. Solid bass & percussion hold the rhythm steady. Useable background music with a wide range for all media project

Description: Free wheeling jazz rock fusion tune with a blistering guitar lead and a spacey middle section.