Description: Upscale hipster jazz track with big drama phat sounds alternating feels nasty riffs and a general all around mysterious edgy feel. Good for badass anti hero theme songs. Sometimes swinging sometimes jamming loose then tight useful for indie production background for media projects or just listening.

Description: Happy go lucky snappy jazzy pop track featuring cool synths, flute, piano, bass and drums playing a swinging tune. Has short breakdown sections that refresh the piece. Nice backdrop music for media projects with a positive upbeat profile. Dance subjects, education, promos, demos, institutions

Description: A straight ahead timeless mainstream bebop jazz trio original tune featuring improvised acoustic piano, walking bass and light swing drumming. Sounds like Keith Jarrett. Nice for luxurious and sophisticated product adverts such as autos, high fashion, wine and spirits, posh five star hotels. Background music, muzak, real jazz, hard bop.

Description: A jazzy swinging version of the Stephan Foster classic, do da-do da, featuring piano, bass and drums with archtop guitar lead done in a medium up tempo. Also know as Gwine to Run All Night. Useful for racetrack advertisements, cartoon, film, television or radio productions. Good for traveling music.

Description: A nicely mellowed jazz duo, featuring upright bass and piano, playing a smooth lounge tune.

Description: Medium tempo cool jazz tune vintage stylings featuring guitar, bass piano and drums.

Description: Cool jazz piano trio cooks on a mellow groove. Understated and sophisticated very retro very hip.

Description: cool mellow jazz piano trio retro groove

Description: A soulful RnB feel groove slow and mellow gently steaming with leads and melodies over a wash of synths and vocals

Description: Free wheeling jazz rock fusion tune with a blistering guitar lead and a spacey middle section.