Description: This slinky tune tiptoes lightly into your mind with finesse, indulging your imagination. The sax pours gently over the refined piano lines with pizzazz. Use this SoundSet for any presentation requiring a touch of class and a refreshing sound.

Description: Primordial motion characterizes this piece through the synth and piano chords. The piano lightly sketches a melodic line above the bass and synth parts. Use this tune in any movie or presentation that relies heavily on the sound to express motion and prog.

Description: This electronic and jazzy tune depicts motion and energy with its snappy beat and syncopated piano riff. The pad element has a sound effect similar to an approaching train. The overall mood is original, pleasant, modern and hip.

Description: An easy tune with a relaxed pace, this SoundSet is ideal for a light production requiring a classy but unstuffy ambiance. The music can play gently in the background and evokes a sense of calm and peacefulness.

Description: This percussive tune has its roots in modern classical music and minimalism. The sound is unconventional with lots of potential for contrast, ideal for a truly original production. The saxophone hammers at a single note above the piano as the bass bubbles.

Description: A quiet, pensive ambiance is quickly formed with the first bar of this SoundSet. There are elements of mystery, uncertainty and fear. The music is heavily grounded in the low sounds of the bass and piano. The finger snaps add a touch of rhythm with the pe.

Description: Combine jazz and pop elements over a blues scale and a gospel organ and you have an eclectic sound that works just about anywhere. Rhythm colors everything here and provides funk to the sound. The pad sound also works as an ambient contrast with the other.

Description: An eclectic mix of ragtime jazz, rock and pop elements create this rhythmic, popping tune. The bass line slightly mimics some of the effects produced by horns. Use this SoundSet in any production that departs from the mundane and displays energy and fashi.

Description: A flashback to psychedelic 60's jazz combines organ, percussion and a bobbing bass line, all mixed over the blues scale. Add the nonchalant muted trumpet and an organ and you have a somewhat whimsical, somewhat sensual tune, all wrapped up compactly for i.

Description: This tune seduces with its swanky swing and its silky trumpet sound. The walking bass works in contrast with the organ, dry and untreated. The listener gets a sense of the dimension of space in the sound. This SoundSet is ideal for productions that take a.