Description: A happy, upbeat and joyous swinging beat of the 20s era - charleston, dixieland and tons of banjos, washboards and woodblocks.

Description: Jazz, Historic, Historic-1920'S, Historic-1940'S, Historic-1950'S, Blues, Jazz-Dixieland, Sexy, Groovy, Fun, Excited, Exotic, Nostalgic, Loose, in a Playful mood, featuring Drums, Trumpet, Muted, Brass, with a Slow tempo

Description: A mellow, big band Glenn Miller style ballad straight from an old gramophone 75rpm record of the 30s era.

Description: A very joyous and motivational march with piano, guitar, tuba, brass, woodwinds, flute and drums.

Description: A very cool and laid-back smooth

Description: New type of product of music song: Jazz Ballade. This will be usefull as a charateristic theme for your project if it is a documentary video or something else, sound fresh and soft with a classic jazz, sentimental and romantic song.

Description: Uptempo, swinging saxophone.

Description: This song is up-beat, luxurious and rich in emotion that will inspire your audience to mingle, conduct business or just relax as they listen. It creates a very upscale, luxurious atmosphere. Guests will be refreshed and happy after listening.

Description: Jazz, Jazz-Big Band, Historic, Historic-1920'S, Carefree, Cheery, Positive, Pleasant, Feel Good, Happy, Nostalgic, in a Happy mood, featuring Trumpet, Muted, Piano, Acoustic, with a Mid tempo