Description: A light and fun jazz swing tune with electric piano, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: a very easy going slow swing jazz tune with piano, bass, guitar, flute, marimba and drums with brushes.

Description: A happy go lucky swing tune. Makes you think of a 50's TV show with a hipster character who like to swing dance, or get cozy in the last booth at the malt shop.

Description: old school small combo swing jazz with piano, guitar and bass.

Description: An upbeat and happy melody of appreciation that swings hard with piano, electric piano, bass and drums.

Description: A light and airy swing tune full of joy and confidence with piano, bass, guitar and drums.

Description: a dual tempo jazz tune that alternates between slow and doubletime speeds featuring, piano, guitar and bass.

Description: Easy swing, ccocktail party music. It sets the tone for a classy evening of drinks on the terrace and witty conversation.

Description: An energetic and melodic jazz fusion tune with a lively and crisp drummer who's obviously having fun. Features also piano, electric bass, electric piano and percussion.

Description: a tune for storytelling with piano, bass, guitar, flute marimba and drums.