Description: Track 4, Franklin Miller, Smooth Jazz.

Description: Bouncy and light with Jazz and Funk elements, solo saxophone and rhodes keys create a vintage feel.

Description: A fast upbeat swing with big band instrumentation featuring solo electric guitar and punching brass lines.

Description: Gangster composition in the style of Big Band.Rhythmic and emotional.Suitable for film and video projects.

Description: rocking guitars and horns lay down this smoking fusion tune - tight fast unison lines and harmonies over a high energy rhythm section. hold on!.

Description: A sultry jazz swing tune filled with hope, featuring piano, vibes, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: Sophisticated chillout with a minimalist style designed to create a pensive background atmosphere for a cool lifestyle. Smooth jazz ensemble featuring Hollywood’s finest studio musicians.

Description: Energetic melodic jazz with images of evening urban excitement.

Description: Jazzy blues track with steady beat and a guitar solo. Piano in the background. Great for an urban or modern ambience or feel.

Description: Punchy upbeat jazzy latin rock track with an attitude in three distinct groove flavors. A bluesy bossa rock lead off featuring electric guitar lead and a big bass bottom seque to a world turkish clarinet lead in a double time feel to a rhythmic percussive section back to a more mellow piano break. Live concert feel.