Description: Head straight down to Bourbon Street in New Orleans with this Boogie Woogie favorite from Singing Dog Studios. This takes you straight to a street parade, a back street boogie bar, or a bayou watering hole or juke joint.

Description: A very happy jazz track featuring fun guitars and piano over a driving groove.

Description: A fun and upbeat jazz track with tons of personality and charm. It features piano and guitar over a dynamic groove.

Description: Sometimes it wishes that come true, but not always the same, is not always ...

Description: A fun and snappy rhythm with a quirky melancholic melody featuring piano, bass, drums, congas, electric piano and guitar.

Description: Fits for many projects, documentary,corporative,movies,web.

Description: Very energetic, cheerful, groovy jazz-rock track. In the best tradition of jazz bands of today. Vividly illustrates the rapid movement of modern city life, street noise, the signals of machines, running crowds. Vibrant, expressive improvisation tenor saxophone and soprano, interesting orchestrations. Perfect as a soundtrack, promotions, advertising and other projects that require a similar style.

Description: Dixieland version of an old Russian anthem with dizzy solos and amusing citations.

Description: A laid back jazz track with cool guitar and vibe melodies. It has nice brushes and stand up bass as well.