Description: an overnight trip, drinking in smokey club

Description: A romantic jazz track with beautiful piano melodies and chord changes.

Description: Happy morning everybody and have a good day with this track mood! Positive, energetic and swing feel played by background vocals, boogie piano, horns, doublebass and vintage drums. Great for commercials, children's music and videos, animation, funny videos, advertisement, apps, wildlife, travel videos and more.

Description: A very relaxed jazzy tune. Very cool and laid - back brushed drum groove.Cocktails come straight to mind as well as the deco art era 1930's 40's. Sophisticated and luxurious

Description: „Cool Jazz Short Step“ is a short but nice and elegant Jazz piece which fits perfect to advertisements.

Description: One of the most famous ragtime songs ever.

Description: An upbeat Jazz trio cue great for any media

Description: A sultry and sad jazz swing tune filled with remorse and a slight amount of hope, featuring piano, vibes, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: A smooth melody played by jazz piano introduces the club atmosphere. Elements of swing, pop ballad and contemporary northern european jazz. Highly suitable for film and media.

Description: At The Jazz Awards - jazz. Marvin Urias - Free Music Publishing