Description: Down tempo, sultry sax, smokey bar, blues-y jazz, burlesque music

Description: A bright and funky bossa nova featuring piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, alto flute and drums.

Description: Laidback with a Jazz ballad feel and warm textures create a romantic and gentle mood.

Description: Laidback piano, upright bass and percussion play bluesy patterns with simple melodic hooks reminiscent of traditional jazz. Suggested for underscoring bar scenes, comic relief, commercials and media spots. Also for friendly, helpful public service announcements. Key of E flat

Description: Slow tempo jazz track from the forties with a “little” Big Band.

Description: A very cool acid jazz track with vibes, guitar, stand-up bass and drum loops.

Description: Upbeat and bouncy, in the style of Gypsy Jazz. Featuring violin and acoustic guitar that creates a playful and celebratory mood. Quirky, Campy, Mischievous, Historical, Instrumental, Jazz, Continental Jazz

Description: A sneaky little jazz track with great guitar parts, vibes and organ.

Description: an overnight trip, drinking in smokey club

Description: A romantic jazz track with beautiful piano melodies and chord changes.