Description: Happy jazz trio logo for your great video/media project or presentation.

Description: Light Humor, Light, Underscore, Sneaky, Latin, Orchestra, Comedy, Steady, Classical Guitar, Fun

Description: Big Band, Swinging, Fast, Jazz, Drums, WWII, 1940s, Traditional, Novelty

Description: Dance, Ballroom, Cuban, Rumba, Mambo, Travel, Happy, Brass, Piano, Drums, Latin Percussion

Description: Dance, Up Beat, Ballroom, Cuban, High Energy, Brass, Piano, Trumpet Solo, Latin Percussion, travel

Description: Dance, Ballroom, Festival, Cuban, Travel, Rumba, Mambo, Salsa, Brass, Piano, Latin Percussion

Description: trumpeter and electronic support tube.

Description: Jazz, Swing, Cool, Funky, Suave, Hip, Cultured, Exquisite, Intrigue, Lounge, Charming, Polished, Refined, Casino, Slick, Gamble, Smooth, Cool, Smokey, Swagger

Description: Jazz, Late Night, Talk Show, Big Band, Swing, Feel Good, Vegas, Winning

Description: Swinging be bop blues, acoustic piano, jazz