Description: A light jazz waltz with that flows emotionally back and forth between melancholy and hope, featuring piano, acoustic guitar, tenor sax, drums with brushes and acoustic bass.

Description: A mysteriously dark and romantic ambient jazz track featuring piano, upright bass, drums behind synthesizers, vibraphone and flute. Flowing and sensuous a lovely atmospheric piece with a light latin flavor useful for relaxed scenes in media projects for tv, film, radio, in store, on hold, adverts

Description: Up-tempo Bossa Nova Jazz, piano, bass, percussion, flute

Description: A cute and fun jazz swing instrumental with tuba, ukulele, mandolin, acoustic guitar, piano, harmonica, vibes and drums.

Description: A driving, cooking Afro-Cuban jazz tune with rhythm and harmony that propels the melody upward featuring piano, guitar, acoustic bass, marimba and drums.

Description: A moving and rhythmic jazz tune that swings hauntingly featuring piano, acoustic guitar, vibes, drums and acoustic bass.

Description: A sad and rueful Latin jazz tune with a very relaxed tempo featuring acoustic guitar lead, electric piano, piano, electric bass, drums and percussion.

Description: A relaxed and slightly haunting jazz swing with guitar, piano, vibes drums and acoustic bass.

Description: A jazz waltz that moves dutifully along like a person fulfilling an obligation featuring accordion, acoustic guitar, piano, drums and acoustic bass.

Description: A relaxed and very melancholic feel with piano, acoustic guitar, electric bass, drums and vibes. There is plenty in the past to reflect on.