Description: A driving minor key bossa nova with purpose featuring piano, electric piano, vibes, bass, drums and percussion.

Description: A charming and inviting jazz swing tune with piano, guitar, vibes, bass and drums.

Description: A very conversational tune that tells a compelling story with piano, vibes, bass, guitar and drums.

Description: A driving, cooking Afro-Cuban jazz 6/8 tune with rhythm and harmony that propels the melody upward featuring piano, guitar, acoustic bass, drums and ukulele.

Description: A very swerving and veering melody on the verge of being out of control, with piano, vibes, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: A melancholic and rueful tune of the realities of life featuring piano, electric bass, vibes, acoustic guitar and drums.

Description: Intriguing chords and a cyclic melody bring much emotion to this Latin jazz tune featuring piano, bass, drums, percussion, guitar, electric piano and vibes.

Description: A jazzy Celtic sounding Afro-Cuban Latin tune with accordion, vibes, piano, guitar and bass.

Description: A very lively and energetic jazz waltz with piano, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar and accordion.

Description: We all have choices to make that affect our lives, featuring piano, guitar, bass and drums.