Description: Specialty, Jazz, Swing, Jazz-Swing, Adventure, Detective, Nostalgic, Action, Bouncy, Smooth, Fun, in a Mysterious, Fun mood, featuring Jazz Quartet, with a Medium Fast, Mid tempo

Description: Jazz, Romance, Sexy, Sensual, Reflective, Retrospective, Atmospheric, Ambient, Gentle, Tender, in a Reflective mood, featuring Sax, Alto, with a Slow, Free tempo

Description: An elegant tune with a swinging rhythm and a rich brass sound. The piano part adds a touch of elegance as it makes its way down the keyboard. A combination of mischief and playfulness give this tune a sultry or slinky effect.

Description: a sweet and romantic piano loop. perfect to create a soft, tender and passionate atmosphere….

Description: a lazy jazzy piece with vibraphone and french horn.

Description: A romantic jazz track featuring smooth guitar melodies and a nice groove.

Description: A lively jazz track with a soaring feel and lively melodies.

Description: Jazz In love smoke of Instruments. Flute is lead instrument of powerful Epic Adventures Melodic jazz music with playful instruments and phrases of vocal: "this is the love". Music imitating jam session for more organic feelings with fellow vinyl sound to find perfect smoke jazz bars in composition. Mood Is uplifting motivational smoke and inspirational powerful jazz jam music featuring organ, flute, drums, bass, contrabass, double bass, funk bass, jam vocal lines, piano, jazz piano and guitar.

Description: Jazz Walking Piano - Jazz. Marvin Urias - Free Music Publishing