Description: A slow jazz swing tune with a lilting, unhurried melody featuring piano, bass, guitar and drums with brushes.

Description: (swing) - piano, guitar, acoustic bass, accordion, flute, mandolin, ukulele. driving rhythm guitar and bass, keep you on your toes.

Description: (medium tempo polka like) piano, vibes, ukulele, guitar, acoustic bass, drums. Old Vaudeville is brought to mind with a dog act that leaps through fiery rings wearing cute little clown costumes.

Description: A fast Latin/jazz tune with piano, electric piano, guitar, bass, drums and percussion.

Description: A sultry jazz ballad filled with desire featuring piano, bass, vibes, guitar and drums.

Description: Time runs out on everyone and never gets any easier to handle featuring piano, bass and drums.

Description: Tired and weary but hopeful best describes the mood of this tune featuring piano, vibes, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: A sultry jazz swing tune in a minor key with piano, bass, drums and guitar.

Description: ( latin waltz ) Steinway grand piano, vibes, acoustic guitar, upright jazz bass, drums, marimba, congas, triangle, shakers. Light and airy piano floats on the breeze of lovely chord changes.

Description: A funky Latin jazz tune full of quirky energy with electric piano, vibes, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar and drums.