Description: A lively and cheerful minor-key jazz waltz full of purpose and determination, featuring piano, vibes, acoustic guitar and acoustic bass.

Description: 50's style traditional jazz ballad. Laid back and cool, with a sultry touch, featuring piano, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, and vibes.

Description: A song for contemplation and hope with piano, ukulele, vibes, marimba, drums and bass.

Description: A contemplative yet lively jazz swing tune to help with decisions, featuring piano, guitar, vibes, drums with brushes and acoustic bass.

Description: A fun , friendly and bubbly jazz swing tune with piano, marimba, steel drum, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and drums with brushes.

Description: A sultry and bluesy jazz ballad with piano, acoustic guitar, vibes, drums and acoustic bass.

Description: Two acoustic guitars. Lyrical composition with funky pulse. Slow tempo.

Description: A mellow and relaxed smooth jazz tune that comforts, encourages and provides just the right amount of tenderness featuring piano, acoustic guitar, fretless bass, electric piano, drums and percussion.

Description: A relaxed and slightly haunting jazz swing filled with a sense of relief that a trying time is possibly ended with guitar, piano, vibes, drums and acoustic bass.

Description: A smooth melody played by jazz piano introduces the club atmosphere. Elements of swing, pop ballad and contemporary northern european jazz. Highly suitable for film and media.