Description: A groovy, light and distinctive sound sprinkled with flashback. The organ instrument transports one to the sixties. The tune, on the blues scale, is made up of two contrasting sections, the second of which is a quiet passage before you get hit with the fu.

Description: This eclectic track mixes a bit of rock and jazz. The effect is intelligent and attention-getting, yet not obtrusive. The synths mix well with the guitars and the vibes to create an eclectic atmosphere, which is a perfect accompaniment for an original pro.

Description: Energetic and light, this piece is ideal for presentations involving luxuries, adventures and enjoying the finer things in life. Images of people laughing and enjoying themselves, gathering in social places, come to mind.

Description: This piece creates atmosphere and is ideal for use as background music. The Trumpet component gives it a lounge feel. Presentations that need to set a laid back and hip tone would benefit from this piece.

Description: Mellow, laid back and pensive, this tune is perfect for running in a background of a presentation that wants to portray a smooth image. Laying on a beach on a hot day before a sunset comes to mind.

Description: Rhythmic and classy, this tune may be ideal as an alternative to raucous audio that is aimed at attracting attention. All the components, including the piano, organ and the drums have a nice jazzy feel to them. The piano plays a nice laid-back descending.

Description: This electronic and jazzy tune depicts motion and energy with its snappy beat and syncopated piano riff. The pad element has a sound effect similar to an approaching train. The overall mood is original, pleasant, modern and hip.

Description: Chilled, on ice, this hip tune has a relaxed, almost aloof sound. The electric piano creates the soothing effect while the syncopated, sensual rhythm drives the tune forward. Use in productions that need an easygoing yet sensual sound.

Description: This SoundSet evokes a smooth and sensual upbeat feel. It lends itself well to cutting-edge corporate settings that wish to attract all ages. The hip character is created by the bouncy rhythm and some chromatic tones.

Description: Presentations that require a fresh and laid back sound may benefit from this piece. Slow moving animation with sharp contrasts in color and motion are ideal to use with this sound.