Description: Jazz Blues Track in the Key of Bb. Slow Jazz track, accompanied by very light drums and bass. Calming jazz track.

Description: Romantic bossa nova that brings you to a resort with palms, beautiful beaches and blue sea. Enjoy tropical cocktails, local cuisine and great views. The charming composition is wonderful for a traveling video, podcast, vlog and more. We created it with guitars, bass, drums, piano and percussion.

Description: Short theme with piano,saxophone and drums.

Description: The jazz piece with romantic touch tells you about some character and his life. Watch the story that is unfolding before your eyes. The track created with drums, bass, piano, vibes and synths will be great for a commercial, movie scene, creative video and more.

Description: Jazz theme with orchestral spooky elements.

Description: Feel the life of the luxurious district with its stores and cafes and prestigious places. The jazz track is positive and playful. Created with drums, bass, piano and vibes, it will sound great in a commercial, movie scene, tv or radio show and more.

Description: Quirky and plucky, uptempo, whimsical, happy jazz. Featuring sax, vibes, double bass, brush kit, bass clarinet and organ. Commercial length cuts 60, 40, 30 , 11 sec all with main mix and underscores.