Description: half swing, half bossa nova, this swing nova makes you want to move, featuring piano, bass, drums and guitar.

Description: A straight ahead jazz tune with it's own set of instructions for musical satisfaction, the real deal, featuring piano, acoustic bass, vibes and kickin drummer with big ears.

Description: an aggressive and assertive fast jazz swing tune with piano, bass, drums vibes and guitar.

Description: a very comfortable and contented solo piano ragtime tune.

Description: A relaxed and very cool feel with piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and drums with brushes. No where to go and nothing to do but watch the sunrise.

Description: a heartwarming and encouraging jazz/rock tune with piano, guitar, bass and drums.

Description: A modern smooth jazz lullabye that's very warm and just a little hypnotic featuring piano, guitar, bass and light percussion.

Description: a traditional jazz swing done in the style of the nat king cole trio with piano, acoustic bass and acoustic guitar.

Description: An energetic and melodic jazz swing tune with a lively and crisp drummer with great brush work. Features also piano, acoustic bass, vibes and acoustic guitar.

Description: A classic dixieland instrumentation plays more in the style of the cool jazz of the sixties.