Description: An energetic latin jazz track with wonderful upbeat melodies played by piano and vibes. There is a great drum track and acoustic bass part with organ to round it out. Fun!

Description: A ultra cool jazz track with classic organ and guitars supported by acoustic bass and brushes.

Description: Laidback Smooth Jazz featuring bluesy electric guitar in a mellow and carefree mood.

Description: Bouncy and light featuring solo acoustic piano in the style of Dave Brubeck and Vince Guaraldi.

Description: Smooth and hip, this piece has elements of Stevie Ray Vaughan. Presentations that wish to portray a certain style, and involving people, would work well with this piece.

Description: Built on a blues scale, this slinky tune will add sensuality to any presentation. The piano occupies various ranges to provide some contrast. Use this SoundSet as a refreshing alternative to mainstream techno or pop sounds.

Description: Combine jazz and pop elements over a blues scale and a gospel organ and you have an eclectic sound that works just about anywhere. Rhythm colors everything here and provides funk to the sound. The pad sound also works as an ambient contrast with the other.

Description: This tune seduces with its swanky swing and its silky trumpet sound. The walking bass works in contrast with the organ, dry and untreated. The listener gets a sense of the dimension of space in the sound. This SoundSet is ideal for productions that take a.

Description: This sound typifies perhaps a carefree, hot summer day perfect for lounging. The tone is somewhat melancholy and lazy and the character of the piece really comes out with the horn melody and its several syncopated notes.