Description: Joyful jazz track created with drums, bass, piano and vibes. Happy music for various projects like mobile application, tv or radio show, commercial and more. The optimistic sunny piece creates good mood.

Description: Very positive jazz music track for cheerful projects. The upbeat melody is created with drums, bass, piano and guitars. This happy tune can be used in varius media projects like commercial, tv or radio show, movie and more.

Description: Rainy day is perfect if you spend it in company of friends. Sitting in front of fireplace, drinking hot chocolate and remembering the good old days. This waltz is created with drums, piano and bass. The jazz composition is great for a movie scene, tv and radio program, podcast, . Good music to enjoy on rainy day

Description: What it is like to live in a coastal town? Beautiful nature, parties every night, atmosphere of happiness and endless vacations. This sunny jazz piece reminds you carefree summer days. The track features drums, bass, piano, vibes, guitar and percussion. It can be used in a vlog, video about traveling, tv or radio program, commercial and more.

Description: This electro swing composition is so cool! Stylish and fun, it makes you move. Synths and drums make a perfect combination for the wonderful carefree piece. The tune cam be used as a background or in movies, tv and radio showes, vlogs, podcasts and more.

Description: A easy relaxed grooving jazz track that features wild female vocal chanting, smooth melodic harmon muted trumpet lines, a funky pop beat, thick bass, and a retro clavichord. Toe tapping, head bopping, fun music for underscores, film, tv, radio play, promos, adverts, radio, hip youthful lifestyles.

Description: Driving modern jazz track combine digital and natural sounds: synthesizers and live instruments. 0:00 – 0:10 – Intro 0:10 – 0:46 – Part A 0:46 – 1:20 – Part B 1:20 – 1:57 – Part A

Description: Bluesy, groovy and bouncy jazz piano track with positive, feel good and carefree mood! Instruments used:piano, bass and drums.

Description: Cool and confident medium tempo jazz track played by jazz quartet + horns section. Trumpet plays melody, piano and guitar solo improvisation, piano, horns, drums and upright bass support with the groove. Also short versions without solos included. Great for video promotions and presentations, creative marketing and advertising videos, cooking or shopping videos, commercials, web media,corporate videos,slideshows,background and more.

Description: Soft and pleased middle tempo jazz track featured hammond organ and swing drums to create a relaxed and easy mood. Perfect as background music at luxury bars, restaurants, hotels. Also for commercials, movies, TV and any other projects…