Description: Punchy upbeat jazzy latin rock track with an attitude in three distinct groove flavors. A bluesy bossa rock lead off featuring electric guitar lead and a big bass bottom seque to a world turkish clarinet lead in a double time feel to a rhythmic percussive section back to a more mellow piano break. Live concert feel.

Description: An aggressive and excited jazz fusion tune with piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, vibes and drums.

Description: hot funk from the top - brecker brothers meets santana. tight horn section - trumpet, sax, trombone with blazing guitar and synth solos.

Description: A medium up tempo swing jazz piano trio track with bass and drums. Has a live club lounge feel in an intimate cool hipster local sophisticated metropolitan jazz club. Solid harmonic foundation very loosely based on Come Together the Beatles classic. Useful music for urban scenes in tv, film, or adverts.

Description: Smooth jazz groove piece with an urban flavor thanks to the sound of vinyl in the mix. Features solo trombone that morphs into a distorted, almost electric guitar sound. Great for a street scene, urban upscale lounge or nightclub, adult love scene, erotica. Porn. Portrays the contemporary sophistication

Description: A vintage, small ensemble ballad in the style of Lawrence Welk, a.k.a. champagne music: light and bubbly as champagne

Description: Light Groove, acoustic piano, acoustic piano, motion, pretty

Description: Vibraphone, brush snare, and upright bass in a jaunty, jazzy musical passage.

Description: A funky smooth jazz tune with a bluesy electric piano and vibes melody and drums, acoustic guitars and electric bass.

Description: Smooth, solo piano jazz. Perfect for background music.