Description: Jazz, Jazz-Big Band, Historic, Historic-1940'S, Active, Brassy, Bright, Brilliant, Carefree, Cheery, Driving, Dynamic, Enthusiastic, Radiant, in a Positive, Happy mood, featuring Brass, Clarinet, Trumpet, with a Fast tempo

Description: romantic trumpet melody with smooth jazz background. nice piano solo and funky guitar rhythms. uplifting and revitalizing!.

Description: Art Hi-Rise is a laid-back acid jazz track, it has cool lounge club atmosphere. Written with synths, rhodes, bass and piano.

Description: Hip-hop swing jazz with crazy acoustic guitar solo.

Description: A very mellow and polite ballad with classical leanings featuring piano and acoustic guitar.

Description: latin jazz, traditional jazz, groovin jazz, swing jazz combo.

Description: laid-back smooth jazz. tight horn melodies with cool solos on sax, trombone, muted trumpet and organ.

Description: Jazz, Jazz-Be Bop, Laid Back, Mellow, Peaceful, Relaxed, Romantic, in a Romantic mood, featuring Vibraphone, Guitar, Electric, with a Slow tempo