Description: The kind and cheerful music. Music for happiness, music for inspiration. Moments of happiness, moments of inspiration.

  • 5 versions included
  • 1.Full version - 2:55
  • 2.Version without brass - 2:55
  • 3.Background Version without melody - 2:55
  • 4.Short Brass version - 1:00
  • 5.Full version 2 with guitar in center - 2:55
  • bright, catchy, chillout, atmospheric, beautiful, bittersweet, 60s, 70s, cinematic, comedy, retro, movies, jazz, upbeat, subtle, sincere, slow, soothing, sexy, sensual, sentimental, optimistic, nostalgic, groovy, jazz, Blues, brass, living guitars, inspiring, romantic, America, relaxation, nominated, song,

    Description: Brass fanfare leads to funky Hammond B-3 grooves. Finger poppin' good!

    Description: Groovy and cool ambient Jazz track with cool modern beat, upright bass, synths and sparse organ. Dreamy, late-night lounge feel.

    Description: moody, dark, lonely, mournful, pensive.

    Description: New type of product of music song: Modern Piano Jazz. Piano jazz in the style of Erroll Garner, this will be usefull as a charateristic theme for your project if it is a documentary video or something else, sound fresh and soft with a classic jazz, sentimental and romantic song. Music for piano and bass

    Description: a very deliberate and straight forward jazz tune with piano, bass, drums, flute and vibes.

    Description: This short piano rag adds a little subtle class. Use for transitions, scene changes, sweepers, and other brief cues.

    Description: Playful, lively song in "Electro Swing" style. Great for commercials ads,YouTube videos,womens fashion show,corporate presentations, retro videos,websites, film music and more.

    Description: Retro lounge cue with a Rat Pack vibe reflecting a cool lifestyle filled with happy times. Designed for lounge and bar environments, night clubs, golf country clubs, shopping malls, advertising campaigns, retirement recreation and leisure lifestyle themes.