Description: Work parts, music transitions, Jazz Gems

Description: Lets go on date on this starry night! Romantic jazz piece is wonderful for videos about love and passion. Calm beautiful music track was created with drums, piano and bass. It can be used in a movie scene, love-story video, vintage-like project.

Description: Very romantic emotional jazz piece. Touching and nostalgic, the track was created with drums, piano, bass and strings. The track will work in any project where you need calming atmosphere. It evokes memories about first love and tender feelings.

Description: Funky smooth jazz featuring James Hill on trumpet.

Description: Cheerful jazz music track that is perfect for films and commercials, cretaive projects, tv or radio programs and more. The composition starts with moderate tempo and suddenly turns into fast tempo impetuous tune that calms down later again. The piece features drums, piano and bass, beeing so unusual and vivid, it is a great choice for your work.

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