Description: Smooth jazz groove piece with an urban flavor thanks to the sound of vinyl in the mix. Features solo trombone that morphs into a distorted, almost electric guitar sound. Great for a street scene, urban upscale lounge or nightclub, adult love scene, erotica. Porn. Portrays the contemporary sophistication.

Description: A mellow, yet uplifting mid-tempo track with a jazz swing in the rhythm as carried by the punchy organ throughout the chorus and the bouncy breakdown at the end. Brings to mind a walk in the park with an intimate friend or a cozy dinner for 2 at a nightclub. The rhythm is supported by funky congas. Instrumental, RnB Music, Neo-Soul

Description: Straight forward no-chaser beat and bass line back the cutting edge sax styles.

Description: Romantic new age piece with piano string/synth sustaining chords that wash in & out like slow ocean waves. Dreamy, melancholy, lush, tranquil and meditative, yet somewhat dark and gloomy. K: romance, new age, piano, waves, ocean, love, dark, lush, tranquil, meditative

Description: Short jazzy fresh track. Perfect for a jinlge, a commercial or a TV show credits.

Description: Vivid and dreamy jazz piano piece with gentle flute melody - dramatic, loving and exotic. This track is perfect for videos, web projects, films, commercials and movie trailers.

Description: New type of product of music song: Modern Trio Jazz. This will be usefull as a charateristic theme for your project if it is a documentary video or something else, sound fresh and soft with a classic music, sentimental and romantic song. Music for piano, drums and contrabass.

Description: A jazz / hip-hop like track perfect for any general use..

Description: Just a nice and light hearted ad libbed piano track with nothing else but piano... Suitable for any flavor of a jazz mood setting

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